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Battle painting (from fr. bataille – battle), the genre of the fine arts dedicated to the war themes.

The painter tries to depict an important or specific moments of the particular battle, disclose the historical meaning of the war events, in such way it may be noted that battle painting is closely connected to the historical genre.

Depiction of the scenes from the military life (in the barracks and on campaigns etc.) brings together battle painting with genre painting.

Modern battle painting began to develop in XVI century.

The first attempts at the realistic depiction of battles took place during the Renaissance in Italy. Gradually the official battle pictures were replaced with the depictions of the real war scenes.

Russian history is full of wars and battles. As a result, the Russian battle painters created many fine works of art of the national and global significance.

One such artist is Igor Еgorov. His artistry brings hope for the future of painting, so necessary for the study of history of the Fatherland.