Battle painting art

Battle painting — a genre of painting, dedicated to war theme. The name is derived from the French word bataille, which means battle.

Works of battle painters praise valor and fame of heroes, immortalize the moments of victory and the hard minutes of defeat. As a rule, the capture of key scenes of one or another war becomes the main task of a painter. In a number of works it is possible to see another side of the battle: killed people, cumbrances and death. So, in the one of most famous pieces of outstanding Russian battle painter V. V. Vereshchagin, the viewer is presented a mountain of skulls, the picture named «The Apotheosis of War».

Battle-painting - a genre as old as the game of soldiers

True art does not inspire a real admirer to prioritize, to select «best and worst» works, to find «good and bad» times from the standpoint of aesthetics. The preference here, however exalted it may seem, is one: the greatness of eternity. And battle art in global art continuum - that waterline to be reckoned with.

Artistic method of battle painting, or reconstruction of perception

We are confident that the statement of the heterogeneity of perception of art by mankind in the context of time does not sound declaratively. If we demarcate the past on the milestones of the attitude to the cultural values, all paradigmatic notation (conditionally from the Renaissance to Postmodernism) acquire a specific meaning. That's how the present moment, in our opinion, would remove the viewer from the participation in classic trends, divide the very painting into the «branded» and not. The similar tendency reflected in all masters, who practice the academicism of techniques and respect the tradition of the school of «real picture».

The future of the battle genre: on the tricky stage of prognostics

Make predictions, as you know, is a thankless task. The audit of prospects of the cultural concept – is a gone case at all. Moreover, it will be necessary to start from the actual realities of our time. So, the future of battle art should be described in terms of commercial environment.

Straightaway powerfully sounding business units, such as «market environment», «unique selling proposition», «risk insurance» – face a «lump», which took thousands of years of testing. In fact the true art is both the reflection and the anticipation of reality. Therefore, standing on a tricky stage of prognostics, we balance between «being» and «changing.»